Virtual Blue News Release

Schedules & Routes Updated

Date: 2017-03-21 21:04:18
Contact: Jason Cook

Dear Pilots,

The JetBlue (JBU) schedules and routes have been fully updated, based on recent filed departure information.  We used departure data from 13-Mar-2017 through 20-Mar-2017.

Along with this update, are a few changes worth mentioning:

1) Charter & Reposition flights - Since we now have a fully functional custom/charter flight system, allowing pilots to create custom flights, we have discontinued most of the manually entered charter (JBU8XXX) and reposition (JBU6XXX) flights in our database.

2) Airport Changes - Along with this update, we made the correction to reflect that the ICAO code for Jorge Chávez International Airport (Lima, Peru) was changed from SPIM to SPJC.

3) Bids - You may have noticed that any existing booked flights you had, were deleted. This is due to the fact that the method for linking bids to specific schedules cannot maintain integrity when purging and replacing the schedule database. We will perhaps revamp the method for creating and referencing booked flights in the future, to remedy this flaw, however for the time being we're stuck with this inconvenience during full schedule updates.

** More updates to schedules & routes are coming soon **

Additionally,  we will soon move on to adding and updating our codeshare schedules and routes as well.  We realize that many requests are pending for specific routes and updates, and we appreciate your patience.  You haven't been forgotten, rather we've just been busy working on our primary schedule updates. We will now move on to fulfilling the individual requests in our queue, and then to the larger mission of updating codeshare schedules in general.

Blue Skies Ahead! 

Best Regards,
Jason Cook
CEO, Virtual Blue