About Donating to Virtual Blue

Believe it or not, although made up of volunteers, Virtual Blue does require money to operate. Here at Virtual Blue, our management pride ourselves in our ability to provide our pilots with the latest, most useful software and information available right at their fingertips. From partnerships with Flight Simulator companies to our custom ACARS; all this requires money on Virtual Blue's part in order for our pilots to receive these benefits. Without the help of many kind donators within the organization, Virtual Blue could not function as one of the world's premiere virtual airlines. Keeping Virtual Blue at the top of our game requires such donators in order to purchase services to ensure our pilots have an enjoyable experience.

To assist with these growing operational costs of the organization, Virtual Blue has created the Virtual Blue Donation Program which recognizes pilots who donate to the organization as a whole. Donations, although normally, do not have to be through the source of money but can be through various donation methods. Regardless, Virtual Blue recognizes all donators to the organization on this page.

2017 Donation Goal:

The Forever List - Honored Donators

Platinum Donators

To receive Platinum Donator status, a member must contribute $75+ in donations to help advance the organization. These members have truly contributed to this organization to ensure its success.

Petey Shivery Austin Forrest Robert Sayles Dimitri Trofimuk Steve Polk
JBU101 JBU102 JBU316 JBU159 JBU545

Jason Cook Huey O'Neil Raul Daumont Jermaine Johnson Jay Collie
JBU808 JBU736 JBU412 JBU502 JBU2205

Duane Palmore Donald Aimer Alexander Gonzalez Alexander Oliva
JBU2463 JBU638 JBU461 JBU3633

Gold Donators

To receive Gold Donator status, a member must contribute at least $15 towards the organization's success.

Romano Lara Benjamin Johnson Shelton McCallop Varun Shekar Zack Slavutsky
JBU107 JBU266 JBU181 JBU361 JBU414

Calum Campbell Jake Evans Yianni Macris Camden Bruno Tevin DaSilva
JBU201 JBU454 JBU598 JBU1786 JBU574

Jim Bartel Philip Katz Max Delbello Kevin Goolaerts Christopher Sargeant
JBU1668 JBU1771 JBU1920 JBU2133 JBU3298

Joseph Kennebeck Marc Perry Leandro Costa William Brewer James Warren
JBU3642 JBU3243 JBU3590 JBU3443 JBU1574

Jay Kidder Maximilian Brixner
JBU2498 JBU3819

Silver Donators

To receive Silver Donator status, a member must contribute any amount towards the organization's success.

Jimmy Reistad Ivan Ocasio Abimael Ramos Thomas Andracchi Mark Springsteen
JBU118 JBU576 JBU662 JBU892 JBU1111

Domonick Sandifer Jordon Gyapong Robin Estevez Matt Nardozzi John Canchan
JBU1095 JBU2267 JBU643 JBU2610 JBU2595

Nicholas Joseph Arnaldo Almonte Will Barker Oscar Karkut Mark Enguerra
JBU871 JBU2387 JBU1494 JBU3386 JBU3411

Leandro Costa Sammy Joshua Tyler Hamsmith Reynaldo Rodriguez
JBU3590 JBU2204 JBU3697 JBU427  

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Virtual Blue spend donations on?

There are several items Virtual Blue spends money from donations on. They can go to items such as our custom ACARS system, server upgrades, TeamSpeak payments, software upgrades, or even awards to pilots! Virtual Blue is known for giving away its donations right back to its members!

How can I donate to Virtual Blue?

You can easily donate by using our partnered third-party company PayPal. PayPal provides a secure way to donate to Virtual Blue via credit card, check, or direct transfer from your bank. No information is given to Virtual Blue besides the the actual payment.

Can I donate more than once?

Yes! You can donate more than once and you may donate whatever amount may seem suitable to you!

What benefits do I receive if I donate?

Virtual Blue recognizes members who donate to the entire organization. After you donate, Virtual Blue will place your name and pilot identification number on this donation page for your lifetime. In addition, you will receive a donation award on your profile and a donation icon on the TeamSpeak server. This shows your dedication to Virtual Blue! Not to mention, you also receive the multitude of updates Virtual Blue releases to all pilots via use of your donations.

Even more? Donators reaching Gold Status and above ($15+ in donations) will receive a free Virtual Blue email address (@flyvblue.org) for life to show off their Virtual Blue dedication! In addition, these donators will also receive a dedicated Human Resources email that they may contact, with a guaranteed faster response time, to solve their Virtual Blue problems. Why not donate today?