Interested In Being a Pilot? Here's our Application!

What is a Virtual Blue Pilot?

Congratulations on embarking in a journey that will forever heighten your aviation experience. Virtual Blue is one of VATSIM's premiere virtual airlines and our pilots certainly allow us to hold that ranking. There really is no words to describe a Virtual Blue pilot except simply amazing. Our pilots range in age from thirteen (13) onwards and come from many ethnic backgrounds, making our virtual airline one of the most diverse communities on the internet today. Being a Virtual Blue pilot means being a community member, our administration looks for members who love to get involved. Virtual Blue's community is certainly nothing without the community involvement of our pilots.

In addition to community involvement, Virtual Blue's pilots certainly range in experience levels: from real world pilots to new flight simmers! Do not fret, Virtual Blue has an entire training program for our pilots ranging in expertise levels. To be a Virtual Blue pilot is ultimately means to give back. Our more experienced pilots help our less-experienced pilots which forever allows our community to grow.

The last quality that all our Virtual Blue pilots withhold is the quality of realism. Virtual Blue pilots replicate operations of jetBlue Airways, a real-world airline. Sure our pilots are not real-world jetBlue pilots (with the exception of a few), but we sure enjoy the experience of replicating their operations. For this reason, realism plays a big key in our pilots' qualities.

So what really is a Virtual Blue pilot? Someone who possesses community oriented goals? Someone who gives back? Someone who enjoys realism? Of course these are all qualities our pilots have, but we really look for uniqueness. If you are one of a kind, love communities, enjoys giving back, and wants realism; Virtual Blue is for you. We are a community that will not only allow you to replicate real-world operations, but also allow you to grow as a aviation enthusiast within our environment. Are you ready to join Virtual Blue?

Virtual Blue Pilot Prerequisites

Please ensure you have met the following requirements:

1.) At minimum thirteen (13) years of age

2.) Ability to complete one (1) flight per month

3.) Agree to follow the Virtual Blue Pilot Handbook and policies

4.) Currently has a copy of Flight Simulator X or Flight Simulator 2004 and applicant is capable of using the program(s)

5.) No major disciplinary actions taken against the applicant on VATSIM or another virtual airline

6.) Applicant currently holds an active email address

7.) Applicant has never applied to Virtual Blue prior

8.) Applicant is in good standing with the virtual airline

9.) Applicant is a community oriented member

And have read these documents:

1.) Virtual Blue Pilot Handbook

2.) Virtual Blue Policies

Met the Prerequisites?