Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport (San Juan) Crewbase

Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport is a joint civil-military public airport located in Carolina, Puerto Rico, three miles (five kilometers) southeast of San Juan. Over 4 million passengers board a plane at the airport per year according to FAA reports (4.24 million in 2010). It is owned and managed by the Puerto Rico Ports Authority.

The airport opened on May 22, 1955. Located in the area known as Isla Verde, the airport was for many decades known as Isla Verde International Airport, until 1985, when then Governor Rafael Hernández Colón decided to name it after Luis Muñoz Marín, Puerto Rico's first democratically elected governor.

As of 2008, the airport has been receiving major upgrades, including a new terminal (Terminal A), pavement and apron expansions, new light systems, press conference rooms, and new fast food franchises along its corridors. Over $400 million was used to expand the airport facilities through 2011. Terminal A opened on June 6, 2012 and is occupied by JetBlue Airways.

Crewbase Management

Crewbase Manager: Raul Daumont

San Juan Crewbase NOTAM

Monthly Pirep Requirement
Just a quick reminder that every pilot on the roster is required to file (1) PIREP monthly.

San Juan Airport Information

Map of Luis Munoz Marin Intl

San Juan Crewbase Roster

Callsign First Name Last Name Company Hours Rank Total Flights Country Status
JBU412Raul Daumont1057.16Category IV474Active
JBU554Rajiv Forbes358.52Category IV124Active
JBU692Carlos F. Rodriguez121.15Category III50Active
JBU1167CarlosGonzalez216.00Category IV77Active
JBU1585JiancarlosParedes572.39Category IV207Active
JBU2208JahilSantos153.59Category III43Active
JBU2364StevenRodriguez650.21Category IV308Active
JBU2486GuillermoStriddels271.38Category IV65Active
JBU2635AlbertoMuniz352.47Category IV117Active
JBU2821GerardoCruz195.24Category III82LOA
JBU3005SebastianSantamaria20.17Category I6Active
JBU3018Brian R.Sanchez49.45Category II15Active
JBU3063ChristopherWagner Cruz117.34Category III33Active
JBU3079GabrielRodriguez66.37Category II21Active
JBU3256AlejandroFerrreira78.31Category II28Active
JBU3346CarlosBerrios178.27Category III54Active
JBU3376Juan ManuelRodriguez97.32Category II67Active
JBU3491FelixFontanez18.28Category I13Active
JBU3684KerryHendrickson39.44Category II13Active
JBU3718FranciscoJeremias2.39Category I2Active
JBU3743CharlesGonzalez0.13Category I1Active
JBU3755MatteoPellizzer4.24Category I4Active
JBU3779OrlandyPerez7.51Category I3Active
JBU3787DanielRondon1.30Category I2Active