Boston Tea Party - Virtual Blue Event

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Date Time (GMT) Depart Arrive
08/19/2017 16:00 **** ****

Attendance List

JBU3382 - Carsten Gallini
JBU2571 - Enrico Noia

Planning is well under way for the 18th Annual Boston Tea Party; LIVE and in person from Nashua, New Hampshire!

We hope that you will join us for the 18th Annual Boston Tea Party, live from scenic Nashua, New Hampshire. With over 20 controllers from Boston Virtual ARTCC coming together in one room, the ZBW airspace will be lit up for the afternoon. Join us for a casual GA flight, or participate in our Airport Poker competition for some amazing prizes.

For more information, including Tea Party Poker, giveaways and operations within Boston airspace, visit the 18th Annual Boston Tea Party website. We look forward to seeing you on the scopes on August 19th!

Mention this event in your PIREP comments and receive two (2) bonus hours!

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